The Instinct Insider Quickfire Round: With Farrah Storr

By May 17, 2017Uncategorised

Country or city girl?

“Both! I work in the city and I live in the country, in Kent. I’m a Type A personality and when I lived in the city it was all too easy to nip into the office and do some (more) work, so I moved to the country to force myself to switch off. And I wanted dogs – also to help me switch off. If I didn’t work in Soho I don’t know if I could live as rurally as I do, but I get a big gulp of city and then escape to the fresh air of the country. Now I love getting off the train in the middle of nowhere. I live in a field surrounded sheep and my husband and I just walk for miles and miles. We do mainly talk about magazines (he’s also a journalist) but for me that is still switching off.”

Morning or evening person?

“Morning. Sometimes I’ll get up at 5.30am just so I have time to sit and have a cup of tea, maybe read the papers, or try and squeeze in some exercise which means getting up really, really early. And then by the evening I’m finished, often found falling asleep in front of the TV.”

Working out or going out?

“Working out. I hate going out. I’ve never been someone that likes going out. I’m not a big drinker and I can’t dance. It’s not my comfort zone at all. To de-stress I’ll go to a spin class or have a massage.”

Best fashion moment/worst fashion moment?

Worst: “When I was 14 my sister dressed me up in a swimsuit, cycling shorts and what felt like 9in-heels for a night out at the Hacienda club in Manchester. I looked like a freak and so of course I got straight in. For a conservative person like me it was my worst nightmare.”

Best: “I’d been at Cosmopolitan for two months when I was delivered a beautiful ticket to the front row at the Chanel show in Paris. That was a real pinch-me moment. I wore head-to-toe black with a camel cashmere coat and looked so plain and simple compared to everyone else dressed as circus acts, but actually felt really comfortable and at ease. Fashion bloggers always ignore me and I’m fine with that. I can’t compete, so I don’t even try.”

Where’s your go-to PR breakfast/lunch/dinner place?

Breakfast: I love Granger & Co at King’s Cross: Aussies know how to do a good breakfast, and it’s so pretty… plus it’s right opposite my station.

Lunch/Dinner: I really like BAO in Soho. You have to queue though, as they don’t take reservations, so you have to really, really like the PR/journalist you’re with.

Hakkasan is still high on the list of places that I’m yet to visit.