Financial Controller

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We envision that this role will part time –but we are a flexible employer and will consider any reasonable flexible working arrangements that allow you to perform your role to the highest standards and balance it with your other life interests.

Tasks include

  • Annual financial planning (with Directors)
  • Management accounts preparation and reporting
    • P&L
    • Balance sheet
    • Performance dashboard
    • Performance summary
  • Cashflow projections and management
  • Credit control and payment management
    • Banking management and reconciliations
  • Transaction management
    • Sales management
      • invoicing
    • Purchase management
      • Suppliers
      • Credit cards
      • Expenses
  • Pipeline management
  • Project budget uploads
  • Project monitoring and reconciliations
  • Payroll processing
  • Statutory accounting
    • VAT
    • PAYE
    • Companies House returns
  • Accountant liaison (as required)

You will be expected to be able to juggle the instigation of new process with improving those already in place. Key to your success will be your ability to educate and empower other team members to follow the processes you define and insist upon. You will have the support of a team of client service account handlers who will support you with much of the compliance with the processes that allow you to perform your core role. In addition, you will have the support of a finance assistance to support you with basic tasks.